Cause of Frank Duff: Update November 2019

The reading of the letters is continuing with the aim of having them completed by December 31st. After that the Historical Commission report – of about 15 pages – will be drawn up.

Legionaries who have completed reading the Frank Duff letters assigned to them came to Concilium in mid-November and each attested to having read the letters for the period given to them.

So far 23,000 letters have been read.

If any legionary has not completed the letters assigned to them by Dr. Evie Monaghan they are asked to return them to her so that they can be re-assigned as soon as possible.

We thank all who participated in this.

Please continue to distribute the Frank Duff prayer leaflets and encourage all legionaries to do likewise.

Favours to be reported to Concilium as these will show a widespread devotion to the Servant of God.